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Landscape Planting Services

Brian Capone Land Services, LLC.

Landscape Design & Plantings

Brian Capone Land Services specializes in landscape plantings, which add color, vibrancy and softness to the exterior of a home or business. Plantings can include custom gardens, trees, accent plants, shrubs, ground cover or building a natural screen to add privacy to your yard.

Landscape plantings should complement the architecture of a structure as well as incorporate the ideas of the owner. Gardens and plant selections have a wide variety of forms and functions. Planting trees and shrubs is an easy and effective way to beautify your property. It also provides shade in summer, wind protection in winter, and enhanced privacy while increasing real estate values. Putting the right plant in the right place is key to a successful and long lasting landscape design.

Let Brian Capone Land Services enhance your outdoor living area. We use our experience and imagination to craft the perfect outdoor living space to complement your home.

Contact us 203-461-9128 or thru our online form for a full consultation and we will guide you through the entire process to ensure you get the finished product you want.